CakeBoxx Technologies

Innovative Shipping Containers with Unique Deck and Lid Design


Safer for loading and unloading cargoes than traditional containers with access from top and all sides. CakeBoxx Technologies’ Vertical Locking System and Perimeter Tie Down System (PTS™) also provide the strongest protection for your cargo.

More Secure

Without the need for large easily compromised doors, CakeBoxx’s deck and lid design has been engineered to be structurally far more secure than traditional shipping containers. Once a CakeBoxx is sealed, nothing gets in or out. CakeBoxx is the first and only shipping container to receive SAFETY Act protections as a Qualified Anti Terrorism Technology.

Highly Efficient

Efficient container loading and unloading system – the CakeBoxx design innovation allows you to make use of the entire shipping container volume. This is perfect for awkward items and machinery. This also makes inspections easier and allows you to load your cargoes in less time.

Leading Organizations Trust CakeBoxx