CakeBoxx Overview 1:56

An introduction to the CakeBoxx Technologies design and product line

Introducing BreakBulkBoxx™ 2:10

Introducing the CakeBoxx container designed to containerize ordinarily out-of-guage shipments, perfect for heavy and awkward shaped cargo.

Moving Heavy Equipment with CakeBoxx 1:30

The CakeBoxx two-piece shipping container is perfect for transporting heavy construction equipment and vehicles.

CakeBoxx – How it Works and Benefits 1:59

An animated introduction to the CakeBoxx and its uses.

Locking and Unlocking 0:10

How a CakeBoxx container is locked and unlocked.

Steve Hastings on the BreakBulkBoxx 0:47

ATS International’s Director of Operations Steve Hastings talks through the BreakBulkBoxx in Jacksonville, FL.

Introducing CoilBoxx™ 1:38

The CakeBoxx Technologies CoilBoxx™ two-piece shipping container is an innovation in shipping, specially designed to transport coil cargos.

Containerize Break Bulk and RORO with CakeBoxx 1:03

CakeBoxx Technologies’ two-piece ISO shipping containers offer 360° loading and unloading, operating like a flat rack with a lid – so they’re perfect for containerizing the large, heavy, awkward shaped or long products and project cargos which would only otherwise ship as break bulk or RORO.